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Dementia Care and Prevention
through meaningful activities,
personal connection and relaxation techniques


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Dementia Prevention
for Homebound Seniors

HAVRUTA one-on-one sessions

are recommended for homebound seniors

facing physical, emotional and/or cognitive challenges.

 Our personally tailored activities

 address cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

 The activities stimulate cognitive skills,

 and reveal dormant interests,

with the aim of slowing down the loss of abilities

and helping in their conservation.

The sessions strengthen self-esteem,

and restore dignity and a sense of meaning in life.
 They affect the older person's vitality and optimism,
and renew the will to face the challenges of life and old age.

For Info. & Recommendations:

HAVRUTA FOR ELDERS sessions are inspired by the Jewish studying model of "Havruta",

 which combines one on one study and friendship.

Throughout the sessions,

meaningful activities and personal connection nourish one another.

The activity, beyond providing cognitive stimulation,

serves as a foundation for personal connection.
And the connection enables the Havruta to face, together,

the challenges presented by the activity

 and by life.

Person Centered Care
for People With Dementia

'Havruta' offers sessions designed for people with dementia

[pre-clinical stage, mild cognitive impairment (MCI),
first, second and third stages of dementia]

Dementia affects five domains:
Cognitive, Functional, Psychiatric, Behavioral, Physical.

The resulting impairments cause people with dementia

 to withdraw and avoid activities and social interaction.

Withdrawal and avoidance create

 boredom, social isolation and stress,

leading to accelerated deterioration on all levels.

As of today there is no cure for dementia.

However, Person-centered care

can ease the suffering of people with dementia

and slow the progression of the disease.

'Havruta' personally tailored sessions incorporate:

Cognitive Stimulation

Meaningful activities which generate involvement, satisfaction, interest, self-worth, purpose and enjoyment.

Personal Connection

Building trust and creating a personal, safe, sincere, validating, supportive, enabling and motivating relationship.

Relaxation Techniques

Specialized techniques (including meditation, yoga, massage) to relieve stress, comfort and ease physical and emotional pain.

Guidance and Support
for Family and Caregivers

The blessing of longevity

often presents challenges to all involved.

Members of the "sandwich generation"

find themselves in the middle,

caught between the needs of children 

(and grandchildren) on the one hand,

and the needs of their aging parents on the other

 (not to mention commitments to

spouse, home, work and community).

Even when all three generations act with

understanding, concern and cooperation,

gaps may appear 

between the will, and the ability,

to meet the needs of the older parent.


The daily care for a person with

physical, mental and\or cognitive impairment

can be very demanding.

Often the caregivers are completely immersed in

the physical, technical and bureaucratic needs.

'Havruta' sessions address emotional, intellectual,

spiritual and social needs of the older parent.

People who care for a family member with dementia

are often prone to neglecting their own needs.

They are at risk for adverse effects on their physical and mental health

 (Caregiver Stress Syndrome).

HAVRUTA provides guidance and support sessions

for the family (and other caregivers).

These sessions assist all involved

in identifying and facing the challenges

presented by the onset of dementia.

For further information,
resume or recommendations:
Rachel Kleinberger

More than 15 years of experience in Dementia Care,

developing unique methods for connecting meaningfully

with people challenged by cognitive impairment.

Developer of the KIRVA Inter-generational Education Program.

Yoga and meditation teacher.

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